Rekeying is a budget-friendly, yet highly effective way to boost your home’s physical security. It involves modifying the internal structures of a lock without installing a new one in its place. After a lock has been rekeyed, all the old keys that had access to it will no longer work.

These are some of the common reasons why property owners like you should have your locks rekeyed by a qualified local locksmith:

  1. Ensuring that the lock is bump proof.

Bump keys are a burglar’s most useful sidekick. These keys can basically open any traditional or modern lock, providing access to unauthorized, malicious guests without any physical evidence of forced entry. Rekeying locks is an effective way to bump-proof them. Rekeying can be a complex procedure if undertaken by someone without experience, so trust only TN Premier Locksmith if you’re located in Nashville or nearby.


  1. Share house keys were not returned by previous tenants.

When former tenants move out without returning the keys, they still have access to the locks they have keys to. Put on another band of protection to your property’s security by having the locks rekeyed, so the old keys no longer work on them. This is a less expensive option compared to changing or replacing every single lock in the house or building. If your property is in Nashville or neighboring cities, TN Premier Locksmith is your best bet! We’re highly knowledgeable in rekey projects, so you never have to worry about your property’s security again.


  1. Lost or stolen keys.

If keys were misplaced permanently or were stolen, it’s nearly impossible to know in whose possession they are now. For all you know, the mysterious neighbor right across your home might have them! Rekeying is a perfect way to make sure that your locks don’t work with the lost keys that might have fallen into the wrong hands. Call up TN Premier Locksmith to have your home locks rekeyed today!

Your property in Tennessee deserves no less than a foolproof security strategy. TN Premier Locksmith works hard to ensure just that!