A good locksmith should be able to recommend the best, most cost-effective option that works for your needs and budget. Before a final recommendation is given, proper assessment and evaluation of the current locks must be made. Without this preliminary stage it wouldn’t be possible to give sound and suitable advice.

We here at TN Premier Locksmith don’t simply go on performing any service without having a proper look at your current lockset first. We always want our clients to have results that work for a very long time, as that’s what genuine customer service is all about. Our clients have been 100% satisfied with the services we provide, and that’s why they’ve stuck with us over the years.

Lock replacement is mostly a good procedure that will really boost any property’s physical security. However, it’s not always the best option in terms of price – especially if the issue is resolvable with simple rekeying.

Upon inspection, your locksmith will be looking for some factors that would indicate a need for complete lock replacement. The most common ones are listed below:

  1. The current lockset is broken beyond repair.

When a lock has been broken, simple rekeying won’t cut it. A good locksmith should be able to see this and recommend proper lock replacement.

  1. The current lockset is subpar in terms of quality.

Subpar locks are open invitations to trespassers. Your locksmith should be able to spot one when he sees it, and recommend changing it entirely in order to boost the security of your home.

  1. The current lockset is outdated.

Vintage or antique locksets are difficult to rekey, because their parts are normally difficult to find. If security is an issue that cannot be resolved with just rekeying, the locksmith will advise complete lock replacement.

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