Magnetic locks or mag locks are a type of lock that is comprised of two parts: an electromagnet (produced by electric current) and an armature plate. Mag locks are most commonly used on doors that swing to the outside such as emergency exits, gates, kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets, and many more.

Mag locks are further classified into 2 types: fail-safe and fail-secure. Fail-secure locks stay shut when there is no power, while fail-safe locks open even in the absence of a power connection. TN Commercial Locksmith supplies and offers services for mag locks in Nashville and nearby cities.

When choosing a locksmith who will work on your mag locks for you, make sure that they are licensed to operate in Tennessee. It’s also very important to choose a locksmith who’s very knowledgeable when it comes to access control system devices as these innovations are pretty new and some locksmiths may not be too familiar with them just yet. With TN Premier Locksmith, you know we know! We strive to keep up with the tides of technology, so we can effectively keep up with you! We’re always fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to aid in a productive and efficient procedure.

TN Premier Locksmith is your trusty locksmith for any of your mag lock concerns in Nashville. We’re quick, on time, and always reliable especially in times of emergency. We also specialize in the installation and repair of other access control devices such as card readers, biometrics, video control, and many more. Ask us today if you wish to learn more about our products and services!