Intruders have become notorious for utilizing bump keys in opening cylinder locks and deadbolts. Otherwise known as the 999 or rapping key, it is dangerously effective, making homes and buildings highly vulnerable to break-ins. This key allows trespassers to bypass the locks of a home or facility, leaving no trace of forced entry.

In a survey conducted by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), 67% of trespassing cases owe their success to bump keys. On average, a burglar can open 3 out of 4 traditional locks in just 2 seconds using just this key. Imagine how easy and quick that is! A more alarming finding is that even modern locks are not bump proof. And with digital platforms of information becoming more and more accessible, a neophyte criminal can easily search the Internet for tips on how to use the technique.

If you believe you are at risk of being broken-in using the bump key technique, it’s high time you upgraded your home or office locks. TN Premier Locksmith provides services in bump key proof lock installation, using only the latest tools and equipment to ensure your property’s safety and security.

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Installing high security locks, rekeying your existing locks, or replacing traditional locks with non-tumbler locks are all effective ways to bump up your door’s resistance to bump keys. TN Premier Locksmith has all the knowledge, skill, and expertise in the installation of these locks so you can upgrade your property’s security for a more affordable price.

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