Keyless entry locks are a wonderful breakthrough in commercial building security, given their convenience and effectiveness in boosting protective barriers. They are one of the most useful investments a company can make to safeguard not just assets, but more importantly – people. If you’ve just decided to upgrade into smart locks, congratulations on making a great choice!

Smart locks sound like a perfect idea until you realize they’re a lot different from traditional locks. To understand more about how smart locks work for your specific property and purpose, call up a reliable company like TN Premier Locksmith. We’ll be there with you from installation to repairs.

Electronic keypad locks are one of the, if not the most crucial part of a smart lock. We here at TN Premier Locksmith offer all services involving electronic keypad locks such as installation, programming, reprogramming, and repair. Just call us and we’ll be happy to book an appointment with you!


Electronic keypad lock installation should be easy to a professional locksmith. It’s very important to let only a pro do the job in order to prevent damages and delays in the process. Commercial buildings are high-traffic venues that also attract intruders due to their profit-generating nature. Have someone like TN Premier Locksmith work that out for your building real quick and enjoy a more secure, more protected business environment.

Programming and reprogramming

Programming electronic locks can be done by anyone, as instructions are usually included in the user manual. But in fast-paced commercial venues where there’s barely any time for some trial-and-error keypad programming, hiring a professional locksmith to do the job will do wonders in terms of efficiency. Contact TN Premier Locksmith if the electronic keypads in your Nashville property need programming.


When electronic keypad locks fail, they must be repaired immediately to prevent any compromise on the building’s security. Call up TN Premier Locksmith!

Are you in need of any of the above services in Nashville? TN Premier Locksmith is the name to trust!