There are many reasons for a jammed ignition. It could be as simple as an awkwardly positioned steering lock, which is easily resolved by turning the wheel into its proper position, deactivating the lock and releasing the key. It could also be because of some dirt or lint that may be causing obstruction in the ignition cylinder. In this case, you’ll still be able to turn the steering wheel. Just try to squirt some electrical cleaner into the ignition and slowly pull the key out. Another common reason behind a jammed ignition is a bent or damaged key. This may be remedied by slightly jiggling the key inside the ignition before carefully pulling it out.

A more complicated reason behind a jammed ignition, and for which you’d have to contact a reliable locksmith is a failed ignition cylinder. Now, you may think of calling the dealership or an auto mechanic but if you’re keen on getting the job done on-site for a much lesser cost, go for a local automotive locksmith instead. TN Premier Locksmith offers roadside services in Nashville and surrounding cities, so you don’t have to pay for towing. We are on time and we respond to your requests in a flash!

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